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    CYUSB202x's GPIO

      According to the datasheet, CYUSB202x's GPIO is connected to USB Endpoints directly. Is it GPIF? or is it same as other FX3 parts for USB Endpoints access externally?  I want to use external FPGA to access USB Endpoints through CYUSB202x's GPIO.

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           No, the GPIOs are not connected directly to the endpoints. The actual architecture is similar to FX3 which you can read about in Chapter 3 of the FX3 Programmer's Manual.




          If you want to do transfers, then using GPIOs is not recommended. It will be very very slow and will involve a lot of code. You can instead use GPIF (for which you need FX3S). Otherwise, you can use SPI, I2C, UART or one of the SD ports.