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    custom component: how to drive digital output terminal?

      I've created a custom component from a project file. The project had a SPI master block and two digital output pin (one for a manual SPI SS and another for an external device reset). When converting to a component (so I could use this particular arrangement in another design) I converted the digital output pins to digital output terminals as specified by AN57724. This meant that these two digital signals are not connected to anything anymore.




      What is the correct way to convert a Digital Output Pin to something I can drive from software when creating a custom component? Do I have to create a Verilog module to achieve this, or is there something simpler?

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           If you would like to access the pins (which are placed as digital outputs) in firmware, I believe the best method would be to use them as digital output itself while creating the component. You can add component source files and access them using `$INSTANCE_NAME`_Pin_Write(0u). For e.g., you can import the emFile component and see how the SPI_WP Pins are accessed in firmware.




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