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    SetDriveMode() forbidden in conjunction with UDB UART?


       Hi All,




      PSoC5LP CY8C5868AXI-LP035 - PSoC Creator 3.0


      I'm using 3 UDB UARTs (1xRS232 & 2xRS485) for which the Tx lines should be shifted in HZ when needed in order not to parasitically feed their corresponding AD eCouplers when thoses are not used (Vccs cut thru the use of P channel Mosfets for energy saving purpose).


      I wanted to use the SetDriveMode() possibility to shift the Tx lines either in (input) HZ or in (output) buffered mode when requested, but the compiler refuses this IO instruction for the 3 UARTs (error : implicit declaration of function 'SetDriveMode' is invalid).


      I'm also using a CAN component the same way without this problem.


      An alternative would be thru the use of the port-register manipulations, but I'd like to know if there is a reason not to be able to go with the current context.