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    cannot remove LCD from or add I2C component to copied project


      I have a CY8C3866 project using the standard 2x16 parallel char LCD (on port6) & a number of other components working fine on TQFP-100 part 030 board. I've copied that project and am trying to remove the LCD, replace with an I2C panel that I have all drivers for & is working fine in other projects, and change to the 64-QFN. Both projects are in the same workspace (Creator 3 comp pack 7/Win7 Pro/ i7). I copy the project, rename, select the 64-QFN device, delete the parallel LCD from the code and TopDesign, add I2C fixed master to the TopDesign. The old LCD will not leave the pins view, the new I2C master will not show up in the pins view. A clean build does not correct. I know if I start a new project from scratch this will all work fine.


      I have never run into this before on a copied project within the same workspace. What am I missing?




      Thanks - Steve