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    Inspecting EEPROM data during debug



      In my program I write and read to  and from PSoC5 EEPROM.


      But during read I found unexpected values. The problem is now that I don't know if the Write or the Read is going wrong. For that reason I want to inspect EEPROM to see what was written.


      I search everywhere but could not find how to inspect EEPROM memory during debug.


      Please help!





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          The eeprom can be read just as flash or sram when you know the address. In the generated file cydevice.h you find the


          #define CYDEV_EE_BASE 0x40008000 which may differ for other PSoCs, so better look it up.


          When you set the memory to be displayed to the given address the contents of the eeprom are displayed.





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            Hi Bob,




            Indeed that works.  How simple good it be.... 


            In PIC debugging you have a special EEPROM watch window and that was where I have been looking for.


            Well, now I know that my EEPROM write actions are not working ;-)


            Thanks again for your help.



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              When you post your complete project here, we could have a look at.


              Use Creator -> File -> Create Workspace Bundle (minimal) and attach the resulting file (DO NOT use chrome, that will not work).





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                Hi Bob,


                not necessary.  I found a miscalculation in calculating the row and  position within the EEPROM row.


                I had to store 9 sets of 4 bytes (a 'long' value) on row 1 trough 3, and in the calcualtion where in EEPROM the sets should be stored a had made a mistake.


                But it's working now OK.





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                  Congratulations and thank you for the feedback!




                  Let it rock!



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                    I am having problems reading and writing the EEPROM. Can anyone please help me understand how the cydevice.h file is generated?  In mine, it is showing


                    #define CYDEV_EE_BASE 0x00008000u


                    yet the data sheet and other references for the part indicate that the base address is 0x40008000u


                    I am using the CY8C5868LTI-LP039 which I have defined in the Device Selector.  I am concerned that other values may not be correct as well, since this one doesn't look to be correct.  Is there any place else that I have to change the processor reference to make the cydevice.h file compile correctly?


                    Thank you!

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                       cydevice.h is an automatically generated file and there's not any way to change how it is generated. I am running Creator 3.0 SP1, and after selecting that device and building, my cydevice.h (and cydevice_trm.h) show the proper address for CYDEV_EE_BASE. 


                      What Creator version are you running? Would it be possible for you to post your project here (or at least the cydevice.h and cydevice_trm.h files)?