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    problem about 68013A cyapi,Gods help me!

      I use the 68013A chip, the program used CYAPI


      When I run the program many times, the program error occurs, the error occurred in sending data function,


      the GetLastError () returns 2(ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND The system cannot find the file specified.) or 997(ERROR_IO_PENDING Overlapped I/O operation is in progress),


      when the error occurs I use the open (), it will return failure. Rerun the program,it will fail too. And with USB Console "Device Properties" can not read the information, but with a USB Console-> "EZ-USB interface" can read. I usually insert the usb line again, the program will run successfully. 


      Is the problem belong to firmware or driver? 


      how can I solve this problem? please help me.