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    PSoC Creator 3.0 Device Auto Select not using Device Filter

      Maybe it's a new bug or maybe this is how it's been all the time. I did a search in the forum but nothing showed up.


      So I have a project and I do a "Select Device", when the window pops up, I apply filters to narrow down my choices of chips.


      Once I'm happy with my filter I click the "Auto Select" button so it will check what devices will support my project.


      I wa expecting that it will only check for the devices in the list after the filters are applied, but it checks all of them regardless of the filter. Meaning that It can take a long time until it checks all of them so I can figure out the ones from my list.


      After 30 minutes it's just done with the PSoC 3 devices and I had them filtered out. It might take another hour or more to do them all.


      Is this the intended way to operate or is it a bug?