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    Using 22 sensors with Capsense and PSoC3


       Hi Everyone,


      I have modified a CY8Ckit-031 demonstration program to use the slider and CS buttons on the -030 board in addition to those in the original demo and am now chasing my tail.


      The original demo program is called SLM_I2C_Tuner_Kit-030. I have the 5 button, 5 LED, 10 element slider board plugged into the 44/40 pin adapter and the adapter plugged into the -030 PORT E. In TopDesign, I've added 2 control bits, and 2 LEDs (no additional inverters as the -030 LEDs are tied to ground while the -031 LEDs are tied to Vdd). The capsense component now has 7 buttons and 2 sliders ( a 10 element and a 5 element slider).  I changed the main.c file to have 7 buttons and 7 LEDs. I enabled the tuner, tuned, validated and saved the Capsense baseline data and disabled the tuner. I did a clean and build followed by programming the device.


      Button0 does not light up the first LED, it lights the second instead. In fact all the buttons light the next LED up instead of the one intended. the last button does not light any LED. AND ... this is why I think I have a Capsense problem ... touching any element of the -030 board's slider will light up the first LED (the one that should have lit for button0. The slider on the SLM module does act as expected and lights the 7 LEDs as expected in sequence based on the position on the 10 element slider, including the first LED and the 6th and 7th LEDs.


      Nothing is Di-plexed. Is that needed when I go over 20 sensors? I have yet to use the position info from the 5 element slider on the -030 board. Except for the number of buttons and LEDs defined, I have not changed how the left shift code works.in main.c.


      I will try eliminating two slider sensors to get down to 20 total next.


      Please let me know if you see that I have done simethng obviously wrong or you can help solve my mystery.


      Thanks very much


      Tim Miner