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    Strange error messages using ARM MDK Generic from Keil



      I have followed the Cypress recommendation and installed the compiler from Keil. It builds my project successfully with a more compact code as the ARM GCC 4.7.3, but it generates in my main.c source some strange error messages.


      Example 1: uint32_t   A1Tim;    is marked with a red dot and the message: reference to uint32_t is ambiguous,


                                                          #include <stdint.h> is specified


      Example 2: CyGlobalIntEnable;  is marked with a yellow triangle and the message:implicit declaration of function is invalid in C99


      Must I include special header files in order to avoid these error messages? Or install something else?


      Even if the project builds successfully, I don´t like error messages neither red nor yellow.


      Thanks for your hint and best regards