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    RedPine Wifi comilation errors

              This is probably best to direct to Redpine but I was wondering if anyone else has purchased the wifi eval kit, plugged it into the CYKIT and opened the example projects and none of them compile? There are a heap of errors so I assume there is something I needed to do before compile? I did not I get out of date notification for several of the components when I load the project. Finally (on a totally issue, anyone else get a tiny little "description" box to type these posts when using IE? Chrome was fine but I stopped using chrome when it started freezing on me.   
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          Regarding the "small window bug", from which I suffered for a couple of months (sigh).


          When using ms internet explorer, switch on the "Compatibility mode"  and all is fine.


          Btw: The error with chrome and attaching files should be corrected, so you mya use your favourite browser again.




          Can you post one of these example projects?





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            Post one of the projects for the forum to look at.








            “File”                                                             Creator


            “Create Workspace Bundle”


            Use Firefox or IE or chrome to post.






            Regards, Dana.