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    explain the programing for led

      how to assign the values for the buttons and the sliders, while using the PSoC--CY8C20534  for e.g.  void display_update_LEDs(BYTE sensor_state) {          LED_0_Switch( (sensor_state & 0x02) );     LED_1_Switch( (sensor_state & 0x04) );     LED_2_Switch( (sensor_state & 0x08) );
      please explain me the coding below----  //Set port drive modes for LEDs
        PRT0DM0 |= 0b00100010;  //strong on P0[5],P0[1]
        PRT0DM1 &=~0b00100010;
        PRT1DM0 |= 0b10100100;  //strong on P1[2]
        PRT1DM1 &=~0b10100100;
      PRT2DM0 |= 0b10100000;  //strong on P2[5],P2[7]
        PRT2DM1 &=~0b10100000;