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    Miniprog3 problem programming/debugging PSoC5LP CY8C5868 under PSOC3 Creator






      I own 2 Miniprog3 CY8CKIT-002 (bought one or 2 years ago) which do not have any sticker on them.


      Without I'm unable  to know in which version they are.


      With them, I'm unable to debug/progam the 4 PSoC5- CY8C5868 proto boards under PSoC Creator 3.0, only program using PSoC Programmer (current version V3.21.0.1926).


      I've read on the Cypress web that there are discrepencies with the old releases (version *A and before).


      How can I guess their version, and in case of failing units should I have to open a case to have them replaced ?