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    How to select one gpio at a time? Thank you!



      There are 32 sensors in my system and each sensor is connected to one GPIO. The analog signals from sensors will be fed into PSoC, amplified and converted into digital signals. But I only want to use one set of amplifier and ADC. So that one GPIO should be selected and feed to amplifier and ADC at a time. 


      I know that The GPIO pins  are  connected to analog resources  through  a  series  of  analog  routing  buses joined  by  switches  and  muxes.  The  two  primary  analog routing  buses  are the Analog Global (AG)  bus and Analog Mux  (AMUX)  bus. 


      But there is no multiplier component in Creator, I'm wondering in which way I can select GPIOs. Should I implement it in program part?


      Thank you so much!