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    DFB assembler


      I found following code in forums


      It's a code for filtering process


      can any body explaing any line of this code?


      I want to give input from psoc5lp's input pin to DFB but I think in this code inputs are fixed in data ramA


      I attached the code

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          You cannot feed the filter directly from a pin, since it is a digital filter block (DFB). You first have to digitize your analog signal using a Delta-Sigma ADC or an SAR, depending on speed and resolution. Then you feed the converted values into your filter which is done preferrably using DMA. There are some examples covering this topic, here is an AppNote www.cypress.com/.


          You do not need to use the DFB since that has to be programmed in a special assembler, but when you use the "Filter" component you mya specify the filter characteristics in the wizard and all will run fine.





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            I tried using filter component but this block couldn't help me because my algorithm needs more than 1 filter processing  step and I need to more than 1 componenet

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              You probably already know that it is possible to define several filter stages with different filter types for each channel.





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                Start at ground zero by posting your requirements -




                1) Filters, how many ?


                2) Filter type, BP, LP, AP, HP, Notch.....?


                3) Filter characteristics, passband, stop band, rejection, ripple....?




                The DFB Assembler can facilitate > 2 filters, but that still depends on the answers above.








                http://www.cypress.com/?rID=60720     DFB Assembler, MAC Topics






                Regards, Dana.

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                  I attached algorithm that I want to implement


                  The h filters are highpass and g filters are lowpass


                  I have to use DFB assembler and I want to know who programmed the filter compnent in psoc, certainly he can help me