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    Need help for I2C to tsl2561

        Hello everyone


      I'm doing a project where i want to communicate with a I2C device but i'm having problems.


      I still very new to the psoc creator and psoc4 board, so maybe it's just a small thing.


      The I2C sensor is a light to digital converter and the datesheet is here:




      There is even a hook up guide for the device, sadly it's for arduino.




      So the first thing i have done is connected the sensor with 3,3V/GND and SDA and SCL


      In PSoC creator i have made a I2C component made is as master and last wrote a main file (attached in this topic).


      But here does all the fun stops. As i read in the datasheet the I2C adress is 0x39


      and the first thing i do is using the function mastersendstart, but nothing happends if i look at the oscilloscop


      I then found out that the device is in a power-down state during startup and i have to write something special to wake it up


      "After applying VDD, the device will initially be in the power-down state. To operate the device, issue a command to access the CONTROL register followed by the data value 03h to power up the device. At this point, both ADC channels will begin a conversion at the default integration time of 400 ms. After 400 ms, the conversion results will be available in the DATA0 and DATA1 registers. Use the following pseudo code to read the data registers:"


      As i read, i have to send the value 0x03 and a command to acess the contral register, but what command is that? Do i have send these to the device before the mastersendstart and what command should i use?


      How do I acess the Data0 and Data1 register with a psoc?


      I really need some help :)