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    How to make USB UART Datasheet Example Project work? Thanks a lot!

       Hello everyone, 


      I'm going to use USBUART component in my project.  Luckily,there is a example project of USBUART named USB_UART from which hopefully I could know how to use USBUART. However, I got lost in Development kit configuration. Can anybody teach me how to do these steps below:


      4. Select the USB_UART.inf file from the project directory, as the driver for this example once Windows asks for it.


      (I could not find USB_UART.inf file?)


      5. Open “Device Manager” and note the COM port number for "Example Project" device.


      (I can find Device Manager, but how to note the COM port number for "Example Project" device?)


      6. Open “HyperTerminal” application and make new connection to the noted COM port.

          (What is “HyperTerminal” application? )   
          The screenshot of topdesign.cysch is attached in this post.    
          Thank you so much! I'll really appreciate your help!   
          By the way, my objective is to send the data from ADC to my PC using USB. Is USBUART component a good choice? Thanks again!