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    PSoC5LP DDS dual phase component problem

              I am working on DDS component which would produce two TTL outputs with phase delay between them (it might be useful for lock-in amplifier later). As starting example I use IQ_DDS example posted by PSoC73 a while ago: http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2492&rID=88149 which based on Verilog DDS code. My dual phase DDS works to some extent (demo project attached), but shows occasional phase flips by 180deg in certain conditions, described below. I suspect that problem in my Verilog code, please advise. Attached below demo project, screenshots and video: http:/youtu.be/qVU3PoVIUxw Video shows that output of two outputs is linearly shifted in cyclical forward <-> backward directions. The phase relationship between outputs behaves as expected while phase is increasing, but there are few 180 deg flips when phase is decreasing. Regards, odissey1