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    DelSigmaMulti module

      I am using PSoc1 CY8c28452 wherin I'm using 1 PGA 1 INSAMP and 2 channel DelSigMulti module. Everything configures well, even my code works on my target device. but whenever I repoen my project, the DelSigMulti module disappears from the config window. I have to place it again.

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          Something with your project-files have gone amiss. I would suggest you to create a new project and copy&paste your programmed parts from the old to the new. The hardware setup must be done anew manually.





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            One of the easy way to do this is first print a project


            datasheet which will give you all your settings for


            each component in the project, then configing the


            new project becomes a lot easier.




            Also if making a new project does not fix problem,


            consider reinstalling PSOC Designer. I would do an


            uninstall first and manually delete all Designer pro-


            gram directories after archiving your project in


            another safe directory.








            “File”                                                           Designer


            “Archive Project”




            Regards, Dana.

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              One other possibility before you go to all this effort,


              do a clean and build of the project to see if that would


              solve the issue.




              Regards, Dana.