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    Capsense proximity sensor API help

      I am working on a proximity sensor using capsense.  I started with the example code "CapSense_CSD_WithTuner" and modified the pins to connect to the external sensor I built.  This tuner works without any problem.  I can use the automatic tuning feature and end up getting a SNR over 10.


      Then I try to work into an API so I can read the sensor in firmware.  This is where I am having lots of problems:


      1.  When the CapSense_CSD block is set to use automatic tuning, the firmware locks up as soon as it runs the CapSense_CSD_Start() API.


      2.  When I switch to manual tuning and put in the values that the automatic tuner came up with, I can only read the raw data.  When I try to use CapSense_CSD_CheckIsWidgetActive(), it always returns a 0.


      Any advice or examples is greatly appreciated.