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    8 Bit ADC Question



      Just getting started in Psoc and using the CY3210-Eval kit. I have an 8 Bit ADC generating values to use for the pulse width of an 8 Bit PWM, reading the 0-5V pot output . Have a scope on the PWM out and the pulse width changes as I would expect. Then I decided to print the ADC results to the LCD and I am seeing counts of 130 to 980. I was expecting to see 0-256. Can you see what is wrong. Also if there ia amore elegent way of doing this please comment. Code follows.




      #include <m8c.h>        // part specific constants and macros
      #include "PSoCAPI.h"    // PSoC API definitions for all User Modules

      void main(void)
          unsigned int bADCdata;// holds the ADC Data
          unsigned int i;
          char adc_val[12];
          M8C_EnableGInt; // enable global interupts
          PGA_1_Start(PGA_1_HIGHPOWER); // Start Programable Amp
          ADCINC_1_Start(ADCINC_1_HIGHPOWER);// Start ADC
          ADCINC_1_GetSamples(0); // Get samples continously
          PWM8_1_Start();// Start PWM
          while (1)
              if (ADCINC_1_fIsDataAvailable() !=0)// Check is data ia available from the ADC conversion
                  bADCdata = ADCINC_1_bGetData(); // Put ADC Data into a variable
                  PWM8_1_WritePulseWidth(bADCdata); // write the ADC Data to the Pulse Width Register in PWM
                  itoa(adc_val,bADCdata,10);//convert ADC data to a Char
                  LCD_1_PrString(adc_val);// Print the Char to LCD
                  ADCINC_1_fClearFlag();// Clear the flag for the next ADC conversion

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          You should


          1st Clear the display by writing some spaces to erase the previous characters


          2nd Insert a delay into the loop because you write much faster than the human eye may follow





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            Consider posting your project so all settings can be looked at -








            “File”                                                           Designer


            “Archive Project”




            Regards, Dana.

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              Thanks , sending spaces to clear the LCD fixed the display problem , I also added a delay loop.  Is it true there is no CLEAR command to clear and home the LCD?









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                You clear the display by writing spaces to it.




                Easiest way is to create an array, say if display is X 16, that is 17 in length and


                init it with spaces -




                unsigned char LCDclear[ 17 ] = "                 ";




                and just print the string to each row.




                Regards, Dana.