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    MCP3901 24 bit SPI

      I am attempting to use the SPI master module to interface the MCP3901. The first thing I am doing is setting up the registers to the configuration I want. Then I will attempt to read.


      I am using a pin on the PSoC to generate the clock. The device is not responding, a sign the configuration did not take. The sign of successful configuration I am looking for is activity on the data ready and MISO pins when invoking a read. I am receiving none.


      My C code, the SPI object, and the MCP3901 are not squaring up. Given the address automatically increments upon a write, I assumed you can just write the values 8 bits at a time using the SPI master. Can any of you tell where I am mixed up? What about reading 24 bits properly?


      Attached are the header and C files I am writing.