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    SPI Bootloader Host Compile problem




      I am working towards bootloading a PSOC 3 with a 3rd party microcontroller over SPI but having some compiler trouble.  There is a sample project AN84401 that I am using as a guide.  For now, I am just trying to use this sample project to bootload a psoc 3 with a psoc 3 bootloader host since that is closer to what the sample project does, so I can verify things are working one step at a time.  I was able to get my bootloader/bootloadable code to compile, but not my bootloader host project.  The particular line of code that it doesn't like is:




      static FILE* dataFile;






      but FILE* does not show up in blue.  The error it is giving me is "Build error: missing ";" before "*"




      I have tried a lot of things, such as adding #include "stdio.h" and #include <stdio.h>, because I thought it might have been something related to that why it doesn't show the FILE* type name in blue.  I was also using PSOC Creator version 3.0, and I read that there are some issues with includes in that version, but I had the same problem in 2.2 when I tried it there. Originally the bootloader host project was written for a psoc 5.  I have made a new project for psoc 3, but am using the code from the original project which performed the bootloader host on a psoc 5.  Is this somehow related to my problem?  I had not modifiied this particular file (cybtldr_parse.c) so I would expect this to be working code.  It sounds like it is something related to my compiler or my includes, but I am really not sure.  The only code modifications I have done to the projects are eliminate the LCD display objects, comment out the code associated to them, and add LED indication because I do not have an LCD on the boards I am working with.  Any input on this would be appreciated.  I would like to see this bootloader host work.

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