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    Is SPI Reversal Possible?

       I have a resource constrained design, where it would be nice if I could "reverse" several SPI Slaves to be SPI Masters.


      Note that there is not enough space to fit both the SPI Slaves/Masters into the design and use multiplexers to the pins.


      This isn't bidirectional SPI, i.e. I still have dedicate MOSI/MISO lines, but I would like to reverse them (as well as reverse the drive of the SCK/SS_n lines).


      One possibility I had been wondering about is whether I could have a 2nd program on the PSoC's EEPROM that I could soft-boot to, after the first design is complete?


      - I don't want to reprogram the EEPROM though, as that would cause too much wear on the erase cycles.


      thanks for any suggestions.