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    PSoC 5: FreeRTOS


      Hi All


      I am starting the things of porting FreeRTOS on PSoC 5. I am creating this thread to invite and interact with all the people who are working on RTOS with PSoC. People with the experience of porting RTOS on PSoC are requested to share their knowledge starting from the scratch, just like explaining to a rookie. People like me, who are in rookie catagory, please feel free to put on any kind of RTOS+PSoC related queries. As an ice breaking session, I put my first query as a rookie here:


      Anyone who will share RTOS concepts (FreeRTOS would be more appreciable, but any RTOS would do here) related documentation, tools, weblinks and reference books would be heartily appreciated.


      Happy RTOSing, buddies.






      Shaunak the RTOS+PSoC Rookie

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