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    PSoC 4 BLE - A Look At the SoC Architecture

      PSoC 4 BLE is a single-chip SoC that integrates the following:




      - ARM Cortex-M0 CPU up to 48 MHz


      - 256/32Kb, 128/16Kb Flash/SRAM (128Kb sampling now, 256Kb coming soon)


      - 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy Radio with Integrated Balun


      - 4 x Opamps (operational in Deep-Sleep Mode)


      - 2 x Comparators (operational in Deep-Sleep Mode)


      - 1 x SAR ADC 12bit, 1-Msps with 8-ch Sequencer


      - 1 x CapSense CSD block for touch-sensing


      - 4 x TCPWM (Timer/Counter/PWM) blocks


      - 2 x SCB (Serial Communication UART/SPI/I2C) block


      - 4 x UDB (Universal Digital Blocks, PLD-based programmable logic) blocks


      - 1 x Segment LCD block


      - 36 GPIO


      - Five low-power modes (Active, Sleep, Deep-Sleep, Hibernate, Stop Modes)








      A block diagram of the device can be see here: PSoC 4 BLE Block Diagram




      The device datasheet (prelim) is available here: PSoC 4 BLE Datasheet