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    SDK Build error while compiling

      I tried to test a release of the WICED SDK. But build error occurred while compiling the SDK. I attached error log, could you let me know why this happened to?

      WICED SDK 2.4.0

      Board: BCM943362WCD4_EVB

      and errors:


      **** Build of configuration Default for project Wiced-SDK ****



      C:\Users\Documents\WICED\Wiced-SDK-2.4.0\Wiced-SDK\make.exe Default

      Making config file for first time

      wiced_config.mk:149: *** Unknown component: Default.  Stop.

      make: *** No rule to make target 'build/Default/config.mk', needed by 'main_app'.  Stop.


      make: *** No rule to make target 'build/Default/config.mk', needed by 'main_app'.  Stop.Wiced-SDKC/C++ Problem
      make: *** Unknown component: Default.  Stop.wiced_config.mk/Wiced-SDKline 149C/C++ Problem
      Invalid project path: Include path not found (Wiced-SDK\Tools\ARM_GNU\arm-none-eabi\include).Wiced-SDKpathentryPath Entry Problem


      When I build show this:


      Error exist in the active configuration of project "WICED-SDK"


      Exception ocurred during launch. Reason: Program files does not exist.



      Can we help me? Thanks!


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          Could you please share the make target?


          Here is how to build and run scan application:

          The "scan" sample app could be build and downloaded with "snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download run" command. Scan app could be build, downlad, and run by double clicking on the "snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download run"

          Could be build command line by "make snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download run" as well.