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    Very simple FS for use on FX3S with eMMC through block(s) rd/wr access?



      There is an eMMC connected on S0 of my FX3S. I have a "storage partition" in the user data section and implemented block rd/wr and byte rd/wr functions which are visible to my PC API.


      Based on these functions, I want to establish a very simple file system on PC side. No visibility in the windows file system is required just some very basic functions in the application (as: make file system, read dir, write file, read file, erase file). Wear levelling is not required, as this is handled by the eMMC itself.


      I'm sure that others of you using the FX3S did similar things, so: What kind of file systems did you take? Which are your favourites?


      Thanks for your hints!