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    AN for booting FX3S from eMMC?



      I'm currently trying to boot my FX3S from eMMC. Before, I had selected "boot from SPI, from USB on failure" (pmode = 0Z1), which worked well. Now I just tried switching to "boot from eMMC, from USB on failure" (pmode = 000) after having written exactly the same *.img to BOOT1 of my eMMC, starting at block #0. The PC recognizes an "unknown device" and fails to start (not even the ROM image which I expect in case of failure shows up). Looking into FX3S design resources, I find a link to AN76405, which does not comment on eMMC booting.


      Is there any application note about eMMC booting?
      Need there to be special settings when generating the *.img file for eMMC? Any hint?



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          Finally, I made a little step in the right direction:


          With "cyfwstorprog", I programmed the image successfully and started to search for differences. The only one was that partition BOOT1 was set to CY_U3P_SIB_LUN_DATA instead of CY_U3P_SIB_LUN_BOOT.


          As partitions BOOT1 and BOOT2 are not in the USER partition part, I have no access when partitioning the device, so I cannot change them using CyU3PSibPartitionStorage.


          So my question: How can I modify the partition type of the boot partitions?

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            Found out that by myself, in meantime: It's done by patching the Ext. CSD register 0xB3 (i.e. using "CyU3PSibSendSwitchCommand").