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    Having trouble debugging application using timer interrupts




      I have searched the forum archives and read several posts regarding the use of timers and read the datasheet a few times but still having problems.


      I have dropped a timer component on my worksheet and set up as 32 bit time with interrupt on TC. Period register set to 24000, clock = 24 MHz. (1ms timer).


      Within the interrupt I have counters being compared to determine timeout of several functions (UART functions).


      When I single step (F11) through the code to debug it, The timer interrupt seems to continually run (steps into the isr, through the code and immediately back to start of isr as though it has not been reset?


      If I set up a simple LED flash to test the timer routine for say 500ms, the timing of the interrupt appears ok.


      I have attached the complete project if this helps identify what I have missed here.


      Thanks in advance.