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    PSoC designer for CYRF89435


      I am new to PSoC designer. I am trying to develop CYRF89435 chip using PSoC designer.
      I have been through few PSoC designer tutorial. However, in all those tutorial, lot of buses and lines are available along with pins for each module we include in the application workspace.

      When I use CYRF89435, There is only one analog bus line and even when I add timer or ADC, there are no pins associated with the modules.

      How do we confgure CYRF89435 in PSoC designer?

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          If you look at datatsheet there are two muxes, controled by registers,


          that feed the + and - input to the ADC. Look at example code at bottom


          for how the pin is connected to ADC via register write.




          From datasheet this is why you do not "see" it -






          The ADCINC User Module consumes the SPC block, but this block is not displayed in the Chip Editor. Only one instance of the ADCINC User Module can be placed because one SPC block is available in the chips, which support this user module.




          Regards, Dana.

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             Thanks for the reply :)

            I am trying to design my circuit now. I am basically using SPIM and WUSB and timers. I am not using ADC its just for example that I spoke about it. Yes, I got the idea why pins are missing on modules.