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    PSoC 16-Bit PWM generation C Language

              Hi all , i am working with PSoC 5LP. I have continious changable Analog Signals. I convert it to Digital with help of ADC. From this Result i want to generate PWM (Output1 Forwards, Output2 Ruckwards). All in 16-Bits. So i have range upto 65536. I have Analog Input 0,1 to 3,3v. So if i gave Input 1,6v than i have 50% Duty Cycle of generated PWM. PWM Basic Configuration: 16-Bit UDB PWM Mode: Two Outputs Period: 65535 CMP Value1: 32767 CMP Value2: 32676 CMP Type 1: Less CMP Type 2: Greater Dead Band: Disable Interrupt: None Clock with 12MHz freq. Here is the code. In ADC_Result i have 12-bit ADC result. From this result i want to generate 2 PWM Outputs. I know that i have to use WritePeriod(), WriteCompare(), WriteDeadtime() APIs. Code: int32 ADC_Result; uint16 i=0; int pwmValue, pulseWidth; int main() { // Start the components Sys_Init(); // CyGlobalIntEnable; // Uncomment this line to enable global interrupts. // Start Clock & PWM Clock_Start(); PWM_Start(); while(1) { pwmValue = ADC_Result // Which equation i have to use. PWM_WritePeriod(pwmValue); PWM_WriteCompare1(); } } I read the PWM datasheet & also check the Example PWM Programms but still i am much confsed for this following questions. 1. Need i Dead Band? 2. Which equation for converting ADC result into PWM? 3. Need i Interrupt/Global Interrupt ? Regards Shveta   
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