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    Run out of resources


       I am setting up a RTD project using IDAC, Multiplexer, ADC and RTD components.


      In addiiton to these I only have some Digital IO and a UART.




      When I compiler I get error "Resource LImit, Maximum number of decimator fixed blocks exceeded (max=0, required = 1).


      What can I do about this?





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           I see what has happened. I am using the CY8C5888XL1-LP099 but this does not have 20 bit delta sigma ADC.


          I need the CY8C5888XLI-096. From what I see, these are identical pin out and function apart from the added ADC, is this correct?

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            In the latest datashet under ordering info -099 not shown, although roadmap


            does show it as a new product.




            Without filing a CASE, since datasheet does not seem to be updated,  might


            be impossible to determine if DelSig only difference.








            To create a technical or issue case at Cypress -








            “Technical Support”


            “Create a Case”




            You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




            Regards, Dana.

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               Sorry, Part numbers I wanted to compare are


              CY8C5888AXI-LP096 and the LP099 version