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    NVRAM - configuration details

      Dear Broadcom team, is there a file or document to get the details on the below configuration from the wifi_nvram_image.h ?


      We need to configure this file, but we don´t have enough documentation.


      static const char wifi_nvram_image[] =

              "cbuckout=1500"                                                      "\x00"

              "sromrev=3"                                                          "\x00"

              "boardtype=0x05a0"                                                   "\x00"

              "boardrev=0x1203"                                                    "\x00"

              "manfid=0x2d0"                                                       "\x00"

              "prodid=0x492"                                                       "\x00"

              "vendid=0x14e4"                                                      "\x00"

              "devid=0x4343"                                                       "\x00"

              "boardflags=0x200"                                                   "\x00"

              "nocrc=1"                                                            "\x00"

              "xtalfreq=26000"                                                     "\x00"

              "boardnum=777"                                                       "\x00"

              NVRAM_GENERATED_MAC_ADDRESS                                          "\x00"

              "aa2g=3"                                                             "\x00"

              "ag0=0"                                                              "\x00"

              "ccode=ww"                                                           "\x00"

              "pa0b0= 0x13F9"                                                      "\x00"

              "pa0b1= 0xFD93"                                                      "\x00"

              "pa0b2= 0xFF4D"                                                      "\x00"

              "rssismf2g=0xa"                                                      "\x00"

              "rssismc2g=0x3"                                                      "\x00"

              "rssisav2g=0x7"                                                      "\x00"

              "maxp2ga0=0x40"                                                      "\x00"

              "cck2gpo=0x0"                                                        "\x00"

              "ofdm2gpo=0x22222222"                                                "\x00"

              "mcs2gpo0=0x3333"                                                    "\x00"

              "mcs2gpo1=0x6333"                                                    "\x00"

              "wl0id=0x431b"                                                       "\x00"

              "cckdigfilttype=22"                                                  "\x00"

              "cckPwrOffset=5"                                                     "\x00"

              "ofdmanalogfiltbw2g=3"                                               "\x00"

              "rfreg033=0x19"                                                      "\x00"

              "rfreg033_cck=0x1f"                                                  "\x00"

              "noise_cal_enable_2g=0"                                              "\x00"

              "pacalidx2g=10"                                                      "\x00"

              "swctrlmap_2g=0x0c050c05,0x0a030a03,0x0a030a03,0x0,0x1ff"            "\x00"

              "triso2g=1"                                                          "\x00"

              "RAW1=4a 0b ff ff 20 04 d0 02 62 a9"                                 "\x00"

              "otpimagesize=76"                                                    "\x00"


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          Hi Gerardo,


          These parameters are specific to each radio and values are set by Broadcom to achieve best result over WiFi.

          Perhaps we could help you to resolve your specific question about tuning the radio parameters.


          Best regards,


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            Do you have any questions on any particular NVRAM parameters

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              Hola Seyhan and Greg, this is coming from one of my customers. They are planning to access the NVRAM but they don't know what supplier they can use and i believe that those are the parameters that could be updated.



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                Hello Broadcom team and Gerardo,


                We are trying to update a product from chip 4319 to 43362. Prototypes are ready and there have been some issues on the EVM and power testing. The main idea is to update pa0maxpwr and/or change country code.


                Our software on the micro connected to the chip 43362 makes a sdio transfer and sets the nvram structure that we need, when initializing our thread.


                This is the first time that our team performs this kind of redesign and we are trying to learn this whole process. How can we learn how to accomodate our nvram and where can we find the definition of the items that we can update there?


                We would appreciate a lot your comments on this regard. Thanks,