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    Feature Request: "Uses" Connection in Schematic Editor


      Hi Cypress Dev-Team,


      I'd like to request a feature that I would find very useful: Since I have several components now that "use" other components by means of API calls, I would appreciate a logical "Uses" Connection in the Schematic Editor.


      E.g.: let's imagine a "Uses" port called "SPI_Master" on some component which can be connected to some SPI Master component "SPIM_1" by something like an arrow connection. Then, it would be very cool if you could refer to the "SPIM_1" from within the component's API code by simply writing '$SPI_Master'. You get the idea?


      Of course, this is basically already possible by using component parameters, but I believe that a visible representation in the schematic editor would greatly increase usability!


      Thank you for your ongoing effort on this great software!