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    CAN: Is there a choice between interrupt and polling mechanisms for receiving a CAN message? If yes, how does it work with the FIFO mechanism?

      Hi there,




      I am wondering whether there is a choice between an interrupt and a polling mechanism for receiving a CAN message.


      All examples I found imlement the reception of a message with the automatically generated interrupt routines.


      Is polling also possible? Therefore I could imagine polling mechanism in the main routine, which checks the CAN_RX_ACK_MSG bit in the CAN_RX[mailboxID].rxcmd register, which signalizes the receipt of a new message, right? If that is the case, lets consider the use of Full CAN mailboxes with FIFO functionality. Can I somehow release a mailbox/message to let it receive a new message or to let a message drop from the beginning of the FIFO?




      Thanks in advance!