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    WICED SmartBridge Reference Design...


      The WICED SmartBridge™ utilizes both the BCM43362 (Wi-Fi) and BCM20702 (BT) while providing a bridge between Bluetooth Smart sensors and the internet.


      This is the WICED SmartBridge Reference Design (WICED BT/BLE TO WIFI BRIDGE W/ BCM43362 AND BCM20702).


      All software/docs for the SmartBridge are included in the WICED SDK:

      • Libraries (both in source and libs located in Library/Bluetooth directory)
      • Example applications: Apps/demo/bt_smartbridge; Apps/snip/bt_rfcomm; Apps/test/bt_smartbridge_console; and Apps/test/bt_smartbridge_mfg_test
      • API documentation (Doc/API.html)
      • BCM9WCDPLUS114 board schematics (Doc/schematics directory)


      It should also be noted that the BCM9WCDPLUS114 SmartBridge discussed in our slides/literature is essentially the same thing as the BCM9WCD1BRIDGE_1 reference design stocked by our distributors: https://avnetexpress.avnet.com/store/em/EMController?term=Bcm9wcd1bridge_1&action=products&langId=-1&storeId=500201&catalogId=500201&hbxSType=&N=0&filterButton=true&x=14&y=14


      The reference design utilizes two modules available from our partner USI: