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    Miniprog3 doesn't work


      I've got a project in PSOC Designer with CY8CLED04D01-56TLXI device. Last night i could programming with miniprog3, and i turned on all of my four LEDs, but onces turned off 3 LEDs suddenly, only 1 still on. After i try to programming again, but only blinking the target LED, amd nothing happens.

      Please help me.


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          Consider posting your project, and schematic if possible.








          “File”                                                           Designer


          “Archive Project”




          Regards, Dana.

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            I 've attached the files.
            I use the CY8CLED04D01, and built a switching regulator (from 12V to 5V), and in the 4 possible "LED driver chanel"  one-one Floating Load Buck topology, with only one-one LED in one line.

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              I've got Windows 7 / 64 bit, but yesterday i could use the miniprog3. All of the 4 chanel i could turn on the LEDs. And that i said, suddenly turn off 3 of the 4 LED and i 'm not be able to use the miniprog3 again. I've attached a video where i filmed what the miniprog3 do now, when i try programming again. When i connetced and try to programming i've measured the voltage on the spike wich belongs to the miniprig3 pin (Vtarg), and its increase to 5V , but it can't hold.

              Could i kill the PSOC devices or the miniprog3?

              I thank you in advance for your reply.


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                You have to post the archive in order for forum to open


                up project, and see code files.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  The main.c:

                  // C main line

                  #include <m8c.h>        // part specific constants and macros
                  #include "PSoCAPI.h"    // PSoC API definitions for all User Modules

                  void main(void)
                       M8C_EnableGInt ; // Uncomment this line to enable Global Interrupts
                      // Insert your main routine code here.

                   And the "chip" in the attach.

                  I'm so sorry if i missunderstand something, but i don't understand exactly, what i have to do.


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                    When you are in PSOC Designer, not debugging, pick "File" top left


                    menu item, then pick "Archive Project" in that sub menu, and Designer


                    will create a total project archive zip file which you can then upload and






                    Regards, Dana.

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                      Thanks, i attached.

                      On the other hand, when i connected the supply to my board, and i connected a resistor to line SW0, or SW2 or SW3 the LED in the rigth line turn on. ( the LED in the SW1 line still ligthing, earlier it didn't turn off). Probably my PSOC device runed down?
                      If yes, why could it run-down?


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                        I do not see any code that either reads status of switches or


                        drives a pin to turn on an LED based on a switch closure ?


                        All I see is code to turn on comparators, buck regulators. And


                        that is all I see in code, no other code present to do tasks, functions.




                        Not sure what you are doing.




                        Regards, Dana.

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                          I would like to do a color mixing system like :http://www.cypress.com/?docID=49164 / 15.page LED Lighting with RGGB Color Mixing Configured as Floating Load Buck Conver, but only with one LED in each chanel.
                          Fisrt i would like to only turn on my LEDs, and later would like to mixing color. But when i programmed in the PSoC that main.c what i sent to you, the LED-s turn on, and about 1 or 2 minutes later suddenly 3 of the 4 LED swicth off. Then i tried to programming again the main.c in the PSoC, but I could programming again to the PSoC with miniprog3.
                          I know/hope, this code only turns on the comparators, and the regulators, and with that should the LEDs only turn on, but nothing else to do.

                          Did I somethings wrong, or which code should i write to only turn on the LEDs, but first not mixing the color?

                          Have the LEDs shouldn't  turn on with this code?



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                            What does your schematic look like ?




                            Regards, Dana.

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                              Your main() does not follow the usual embedded pattern. After the initialization of the components you should start the main loop where the program stays in, otherwise your initialization may be re-started infinitively. The main-loop may be an empty loop like


                              for(;;);    //  Infinite loop







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                                Your infinite loop would look like this -




                                main( ) {




                                     // Inits, variable defs.......




                                     for( ; ; ) {                      // Repeating code inside this loop







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                                  I' ve attached my schematic.
                                  In my last post i've got a mistake: I couldn't programming again after the LEDs switch off.

                                  Thanks for yours helps and answers.


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                                    I do not see any pullups on sclk and sdat ? Something on the order


                                    of 4.7K or there abouts. That would affect programming for sure.




                                    Regards, Dana.

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