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    External GDB Server

       Hi, I'm wondering if there is any ability to connect PSoC creator to an external gdb server. I understand that Cypress only supports the miniProg debugger (which is understandable) but I know that it uses gdb as it's underlying debug system. My question is if it would be possible to modify the configuration files to redirect to an external server such as a JLink system. 




      Currently I've been exporting my projects to Eclipse for code development, but since I usually end up tweaking the hardware configuration multiple times during the debug process it would be nice to be able to perform everything within a single environment. 




      Ideally, it would be awesome if we could define custom tools within PSoC creator that could launch/pass commands to other programs. (similar to Eclipse)




      If anyone here doesn't know a way to connect an external gdb server, I'll experiment on the system myself and post any solutions that I find. 

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          Debugging capabilities are inherent to ARM's M0 and M5 core PSoCs and the underlying debugger interface is afaik made by KEIL, it is not gnu.





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             I believe the KEIL system is for the PSoC 3 family only. Cypress uses some variant of the GNU EABI ARM toolchain for the PSoC 4-5's. If you look in the 


            C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\3.0\PSoC Creator\import\gnu_cs\arm\4.7.3\bin


            directory you will find the entire GNU toolchain including GDB. 




            The original reason that I thought it was using GDB, was that I've managed to crash the debugger on a PSoC 4 pioneer board and had to kill the process manually.




            I already use the JLink's GDB server to debug externally in Eclipse, but it would be awesome if it could be patched into PSoC Creator os you wouldn't have to re-export the project after making hardware changes. 

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              I agree, they need to get the Segger-GDB working!