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    USB UART Driver Issues




      We have a product that uses the USB UART component and are moving into the production phase with our company's PID & VID. I need help in undertanding what I should and should not do with regard to editing the USBUART_1_cdc.inf file and in the Configure... dialog of PSoC Creator.


      When using the default Cypress driver file, the device would register under 'Other Devices' as USBUART in the Device Manager. You could right click on it and use the 'Update Driver' option to point to the Cypress USBUART_1_cdc.inf file and it would go to a Hardware Wizard dialog and give warnings but eventually it would work.


      Now that I have created our own .inf file and put our product PID and VID in through PSoC Creator, I don't get the option to 'Update Driver' in the Device Manager. Instead I plug in the device, a dialog looks for a Windows update, that fails and I click on a link to possible solutions. The only one is the run hdwwiz and select the driver manually. The Hardware wizard runs but flags an Error Code 10, which usually goes away after rebooting, then everything works fine.


      Can someone who has implemented the USBUART component in a product please point me in the right direction to reduce the pain as this is unacceptable in a distrubuted product.