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    Query regarding code burning in PSOC 5LP

       Hello all,




      Please pardon me if it is a naive question. I build my psoc code and it showed no error and I burned it using miniprog. I would like to know the name of the file that is being burned in the flash. For example, if my project name is "example" pre say, than there is one file named "example.hex". Is it the .hex file which is being burned? 




      And secondly, if that is the case, I would like to give only this .hex file to my collague for testing and validation purposes and not the entire project. I dont want to share the code. He too has Psoc creator and miniprog at his disposal. Is it possible for him to just burn that .hex file.




      What other files  or parameters should I need to give. Is there any other format in which the file is converted before burning? 




      I know I am asking lots of questions but I really need to know the answers.




      Thank you in advance