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    PSOC Creator 3.0 rubber banding driving me nuts...

      Something simple that is constantly raising my blood pressure:


      Lets say you have an inverter that is connected on both sides by horizontal traces.


      You want to shift the inverter horizontally on your schematic, because you want some more room on one side.


      You click on it and try to drag it but as soon as you do the traces begin overlapping or jumping out of the way, instead of just reducing or expanding in length.


      The same also applies to grabbing the end of the trace and trying to shorten it. What does the rubber band algorithm assume it is not fixed on one end?


      What am I doing wrong here? Do I really need to delete the trace on the side I am dragging toward, so it does not bunch up or overlap?


      This is something I constantly do in other schematic CAD packages, like EagleCad, without issue.


      Help! And thanks, Bill