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    Sample & Hold not giving expected results



      I'm using the sample & hold component in my proyect since I need to sample a signald comming from a photosensor which receives light from a very short pulse of light which comes from an LED.


      The  problem is that when I use the sample and hold circuit I get a noisy signal compared to the one I get when sampling without the H&S.


      In my case I'm turing on the LED, activating the H&S with a Control register connected to the clk input of the sample and hold , then turning of the LED and lastly I use the SAR ADC to sample 64 times the voltage in the sample and hold. I'm sampling 64 times to get a better resolution. 


      When I omit the S&H the signal is good but then it takes too much time for the ADC to make the 64 samples. If I add the S&H it gets very noisy. 


      I've checked the TRM which in page 271 shows the Track and Hold diagram and it has a hold cap of 12pF and a voltage follower. 


      If I use the S&H making just one sample at a time it gets a "smooth" signal.


      I think the might be that the S&H might not be holding the voltage enough time to do all the conversions.


      I've tried adding a unity gain PGA between the S&H and the ADC with the same results.


      I'm doing this with a pair of SAR ADCs, Muxes and S&H because I need to sample 10 sensors, 5 on each ADC , and I need to reduce the time the LEDs are on as much as possible.


      Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?




             AMux_1_Select ( sensorSelected);


              AMux_2_Select (sensorSelected);


              CyDelayUs (50);  // wait for Muxes to switch






              SH_ControlReg_Write(0); //Start holding and sampling


              CyDelayUs (550);  


              SH_ControlReg_Write(1);   //Stop sampling        




              sampleADC (firstLayerSensorOrder[groupLED],firstLayerSensorOrder[groupLED], &sampleTop, &sampleBot);


              sampleADC (firstLayerSensorOrder[groupLED]+1,firstLayerSensorOrder[groupLED]+1, &sampleTop, &sampleBot);




      Thank you.

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