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    CY7C65631 vs CY7C65630?


       Does anyone know what the difference is between the 


      CY7C65631 vs CY7C65630


      According to product guide CY7C656*1 devices are optomised for the low end market. Yet looking in the datasheet these devices appear identical.


      Is this a supply issue? Is the CY7C65630 gurateed to be produced for longer?


      Any comment appreciated.

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                  The only difference between the two chips is that there is a difference in the site of manufacture. Please look up the package marking information and ECN for more details.   
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            Hi Aasi,


            Can you reiterate the difference again? I find it hard to believe the CY7C65631 and CY7C65630 only difference is the site of manufacturing. Does this mean that both ICs are functionally and physically the same? What does the "Lite" designation refer to in the CY7C65631 datasheet? We currently use the CY7C65630 but would switch to the CY7C65631 if it's exactly the same functionally since the gap in price difference is significant. Please advise.