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    Stripping down example code

      I'm developing on the WICED-Smart 1.1.0 SDK. I'd like to make a few applications for testing the hardware peripherals of the module.


      Is it possible to strip all of the bluetooth communication code out of an application and have it work? I tried doing this, but it appears to break GPIO interrupts.

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          Bluetooth functionality is definitely not required.  Meanwhile the application structure should remain the same meaning that you need to provide create functions and setup all the pointers there.  If you install 2.0 on a separate computer, there are i2c_temperature_sensor, pwm_tones, spi_pressure_sensors which do nothing over Bluetooth.  I am not sure if they were included in 1.1, but they should work pretty much the same.  You should be able to copy directories to Apps/RAM of 1.1.