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    USB on the GO Host Interface

       Hello friends, I need to create a USB OTG interface to make APPLE Iphone or IPAD USB OTG compatible to allow me to transfer Photos and documents between my Android Samsung Note Edge and my Iphone/ IPAD, OR is there any way to connect an External Flash Drive to APPLE Iphone or IPAD to allow bi directional transfer of Photos and documents between the Flash drive and the Iphone or IPAD or at least just being able to transfer PHOTOS from and Iphone or IPAD to the flash drive and from Flash drive to the Iphone/IPAD. Any suggestions or ideas?


      Any HW and or SW solution to accomplish that? Does Cypress or other mfg have any IC that can help me accomplish the above Flash drive solution. Or is this just a SW solution or combination to save Photos and or documents from Iphone to flash drive and back to Iphone. Thanks Avi