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    PSoC Creator 3.0 Code Editor SLOW!

              I a having a very frustrating issue. When typing code - even just a comment - in the code editor, it hesitates so much I have to wait 2-3 seconds for it to catch up to my typing. I even have "Enable semantic parsing" turned OFF - which did make a difference. I have installed Creator on 3 different machines with various results - operating on the same project. Two machines are identical - descent i5 machines with 12GB ram. One is considerably faster in editing and compiling, but editing is still painful. The other machine is a laptop with much worse specs but has very little software installed on it. Code editing is fine on this machine - compiling not so much but that is to be expected because it has less ram and slower processor... It appears that the two desktop machines have other software on them that is causing the problem with Creator...of course I don't want to wipe them and start over...Any ideas?   
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          Are the files you edit on a network with a slow connection? Exactly under those circumstances I have similar experiences.





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                    No. It is true that the Project resides on a server but we have a 100Mb Ethernet connection. Plus all three computers I tried were on the same network accessing the same Project on the server.   
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                      One more thing to add. On one desktop which is the slowest, just switching between applications has a huge delay. For example, I open a datasheet in Adobe for a component. When I click on the Creator window, it can take 4-8 seconds for Creator to respond! The reverse is not true. Selecting any other running application causes it to obtain focus and function correctly immediately.   
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                        So, first question, if you move the project locally, do you see the same behavior?   
                If so it may be an issue with .Net.   
                If the problem goes away when you move the project to the local hard drive, then we know there's a network related issue. In that case, having an understand of the share server (is a Windows server, if so, what version, if Linux, the distro, kernel, and samba version) as well as the disk storage (is it a raid array, a disk in the server, something else) would be very helpful for reproducing and fixing the issue you're having.   
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                          One more thing to look at is your anti-virus software logs. Sometimes real time scanning can interfere badly with network devices.   
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                    First try: look for a folder in the windows search path that does not exist or you do not have access right to. This will always induce a delay.





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                              OK...seems that putting in on my C drive makes the problems go away...except that now it won't get backed up every night... Any ideas what to do to fix the sluggishness. We are using Server 2008 on our servers.   
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                        Just use any backup program to backup the projects / Creator to the server prior to shutting down your computer. E.g. SyncBack, Robocopy, whatever...


                        Working over a network is slow. Doing so with random access makes it even slower. The only remedy is local caching, which is what you just did...

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                          I have a network and access my server (win vista) via a wireless(!!) network, so speed is comparable slow. There is a small delay in the work noticeable, but not so much that it does disturb the working / typing. On the workstation there is no drive connected to the workspace,instead I use the \\Server\Share\Project specifying the working folder. Installation of Creator is on the local drive.


                          I would suggest you to tell your problems to your local network guru.





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                                    Okay, well now that I know a little bit about your setup, I can try to reproduce it.   
                            A tiny bit of background, I'm responsible for the performance tests of Creator build and compile, including having a project on a network drive. That server is based on Suse Linux, using Samba. The performance tests have not shown any issues, which is why I needed to know how you had things setup.   
                            It seems some networks, people see horrible performance with Windows Server 2008. Here's one thing you could try:    http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-030717.htm
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                                      So I have some good news and bad news on this. I was able to reproduce a case where the editor started to slow down.   
                              In order to do so, I have 19,000+ lines in my main and the problems went away when I turned the inteliprompt off.   
                              I realize I'm being silly here, but just to confirm, when turning inteliprompt off you're restarting the program correct?   
                              Is there anything else about your network that I should know about?   
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                                 I am having this issue and more.  I am running a pretty high performance workstation: Levono W530, 32Gb Ram, super fast SSD, 2GB video card, etc.  The text editing is painfully slow.  Even when writing comments it can take several seconds between the actual keystroke and the letters appearing on screen.  It's much worse when inteliprompt is on.


                                I have tried reloading my OS (win 8.1) and reinstalling Psoc Creator to no avail.  I was hoping SP2 would help, but it didn't.  Worse than just slow, on a daily basis, or more often, it actually crashes on me.  I get an "System.OutOfMemoryException" and psoc crashes.  I have taken to saving every 30 seconds or so, but the status quo is unworkable.


                                My main is about 4000 lines, with spaces and comments, (probably half that of actual code).  The project resides on my local hard drive.  

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                                  Do you see same effect when typing on a word processor ?




                                  I have had mouse and wirless drivers do that to me in the past.


                                  Its a bit of a crap shoot trying to find these issues.I use task


                                  manager and start looking at stuff taking high CPU loads.




                                  Regards, Dana.

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                                    Is your PC connected to any network? When supervising your PC with the task-manager are there any limits reached?





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