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    From Debug to Release: can't boot from FLASH

      Hello everybody, I have a problem:


      I developed my whole project testing it in debug mode with the miniprog3 (not providing the supply: It is externally generated), and everyting works in this way. Now it's time to use the device without the miniprog3 connected. I changed the configuration from "Debug" to "Release" but in this way I think the microcontroller doesn't boot: the absorbed current is only 10mA instead of 40mA of the previous case and no output is present.


      I read some technical documents and if I've understood correctly, the programmed device should boot after it sees the supply ramp and the supply values became stable. Is it correct?


      I didn't found a particular pin connection specification for flash booting. Is it requested?


      Device: CY8C5467LTI


      Psoc Creator 3.0 updated.


      Any idea of what's going on?


      Thanks in advance,