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    Build error: The command 'arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe' failed with exit code '1'.


      Dear all,


      I have received the job to organize and clean a project. The project has a main.c file, in which, you can  find several #includes and also functions definitions. There are also several header files. Among these header files, there is one called all.h in which you can find not only function protoypes, but also function definition and many defines.


      I would like to leave the main.c file only with the function itself without any function definition. Also do the same with the all.h file.


      I have started by estracting a very simple function from the main.c file in a file called oximetro.c. Also I have created a oximetro.h file with the variables and functions prototype used in oximetro.c. I have include in main.c the oximetro.h. After a couple of days trying different things I always get the error above (in the subject of this message).


      Has anyone the idea of the origin of the problem? Any literature to read about includes, defines...etc in C programming? I attach the whole project bundle (almost 5M)  if someone want to have a look.


      I have to say I have not many experience in C programming.


      Thanks in advance.