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    LightBlue App Not Receiving Notifications from "hello_sensor" Demo on BCM920732 Tag

      Hi, I'm using the WICED Smart development board (BCM920732 tag) to run the "hello_sensor" demo and monitor the results using the LightBlue app for iOS. Everything works as expected, however the app does not receive any notifications from the board when a characteristic's value changes. This can be shown by the characteristic that increments its value each time the button on the board is pressed. I can see this value change in the LightBlue app by pressing the "Read" button before and after I press the button on the board, but even when I have notifications (and indications) enabled in the LightBlue app, the value of that characteristic isn't updated automatically in the LightBlue app when the button is pressed (as it should be). Is there something I need to change in the "hello_sensor" code to enable notifications or is this a problem of a different nature? Thank you for your help.