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    Pins-phantoms after copying


      I very often to create a new project by copying it fragments from previous projects.
      However, I found the problem:
      I needed more pins, and I did not create anything and copied some of the other project.
      Both projects use PSoC Creator 3.0 SP2 (
      The result - in the screenshot below.
      It certainly is not terrible, all the problems are visible and they are easy to fix, but maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg.
      So I have a question:
      Can I copy components from one project to another?

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          This is not the tip of an iceberg, but of an ice-cube ;-)


          You just have forgotten to disable again the "Suppress API Gen" for some pins which has been enabled in the original code.






          Merry Christmas!



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            Thank you, Bob. You're right.
            I never used the function CY_SUPPRESS_API_GEN.
            Apparently I copied this from another project.
            It is curious how much I win if I use CY_SUPPRESS_API_GEN = true.
            I never really thought about it.


            Merry Christmas!

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              Yes, by disabling code generation you have the opportunity to change some of the originally generated code without the effect of being overwritten at the time of a new build.


              I consider this solution only as an intermediate state or for a QnD hack since it may not follow a component version change or a compiler upgrade. I even delete from time to time the folder "Generated Sources" in Creator to do a "Clean and build" from scratch or to get smaller archives. Since I never follow the way of including my interrupt handlers into the generated files I am fine off with that.